Milk Analysis

Northwest Labs, LLC. uses the best equipment available to test all products brought to the lab. In the Milk Lab, testing for Somatic Cell Count and components is done using very advanced instruments. The SCC and BFAT/PRO machines used in our lab are made by Bentley Instruments and Foss Instruments.

Milk Testing Options

The following tests can be run on samples from various sources. Please contact us with any questions or special requests.

  • DHI Component Analysis:
    • Butterfat
    • Protein
    • Somatic Cell Count (SCC)
  • Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) Analysis

Improve Herd Management

Monthly milk testing provides valuable information to help producers make the best management decisions for their herds. Results can be organized by milk weight values, group pen numbers, individual cow identification number and somatic cell counts.

Flexible Results

Receive your data in Excel spreadsheet or report format and via email, fax or standard USPS mail. Northwest Labs can easily transfer data to any Dairy Record Process Center, such as DHI Provo, AgSource Cooperative Services, Agri-Tech, or Dairy Record Management Systems, in the United States.

Customer Service

Northwest Labs offers free shipping containers, including individual sample vials. For the most convenience, simply send the samples back via USPS or UPS with one of our pre-paid mailers. Northwest Labs also offers several convenient drop-boxes, located throughout the South Central Idaho. Click here to see exact locations. All milk component, MUN’s, and somatic cell tests are conducted within 24 hours of arriving at the laboratory.


Our laboratory is certified by the Idaho Department of Agriculture and Quality Certification Services. To ensure accurate test results, we also participate in various check sample programs.