Johne’s Testing

Milk and Blood ELISA Test: Convenient, Affordable and Fast
Northwest Labs is a USDA/APHIS Approved Laboratory for Johne’s Disease testing (Lab code 1116).

Johne’s Disease is a herd problem and just an individual cow issue. Before you can control the spread of Johne’s, you need to diagnose the infected animals, which include healthy and unhealthy looking animals. It is impossible to treat, which means controlling the spread of Johne’s is critical.

The ELISA Test uses a sample to detect a cow’s antibody response to M. paratuberculosis. Results are available in three to five days allowing for timely management decisions and making this test an economical and effective herd health management tool.

The Milk ELISA test can be performed on frozen or preserved DHI milk samples. Duplicate samples are not required as the Milk ELISA can be performed on the test day milk samples after component analysis is completed.

The Milk ELISA test has a sensitivity of 51 percent, which means it correctly identifies infected animals as a positive test 51 percent of the time. In addition, the specificity of the test is 99 percent. This means it correctly classifies non-diseases animals as a negative test resulting in very few false positive test results. This is comparable to the accuracy of the blood ELISA test for Johne’s detection.